Tire alignment at Santa Margarita Ford Service

In order for your vehicle to drive straight and handle properly, the suspension must be precisely calibrated. This allows the wheels to sit perfectly vertical. Correct alignment maximizes your tire life and performance. Proper alignment also helps maximize your gas mileage.

How do I know I need one?

Everyday driving like driving over bumpy roads and potholes, may throw your car out of alignment. If this happens you may feel pulling to one side or a steering wheel vibration. Other signs that your vehicle needs an alignment are uneven or worn out tread on your tires or an off-centered steering wheel. If you hear squeals when turning corners, your vehicle needs an alignment.

Getting Your Tires Aligned

The staff at Santa Margarita Ford Service use high-tech equipment to properly align your wheels to manufacturer's specifications. In the process we look for worn or bad suspension parts. It is recommended that you have your vehicle aligned every 30,000 miles or whenever you purchase new tires.


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